Make money with Google Adsense without Blog/Website

You are a publisher of Google Adsense, you have not owned a blog or website yet, or your blog or website do not have many visitors, don't worried.
Now, you can make more money with Google Adsense without Blog or Website. It's real, there are so many websites allow you to put Google's ads on them, so how does it work? You just add your Google publisher ID number to this site and the Google's ads on the pages of your articles, your photos, your sharing bookmarks... will become yours. Some sites allow you to keep 100% your revenue, and some are 50%. Here is some sites allow you to put Google's ads:


I'm just only known these websites, if you knew some websites that allow people to put them Google's ads on, why don't you share them? Hope that this article is helpful to you.

Good luck!

Credit (Xomba)


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