What Is DoFollow? Guide: How to Make Blogspot Blogs Dofollow?

Dear friends, this is a blog notification post. I have decided to make my blog, DoFollow. You will find the comment policy updated on the sidebar about this (please look at the left sidebar). [Edit: The blog is no longer DoFollow due to loads of spam comments it attracted]

Backlinks are very important for your websites. They are like votes cast by one respectable website to another, and they will greatly increase the site’s traffic. When one gets many backlinks, one’s site’s ranking in search engine results will skyrocket. Search engines use programs called search bots or web crawlers to access and index web pages. That’s how you see websites in the search results of Google and Yahoo!.

If your site ranks high for any search terms related to the products you promote, you can get several potential customers (a very daunting task indeed). Now, in order for you to get business, you must rank high in search engines, and the most important thing that will help you in this is link building.

You should try to get links from whichever sources available. It is a tactic in Search Engine Optimization (SEO). In the past, when you commented in a blog, you could get a backlink, just by using this HTML code:

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