How To Write Or Post Script/Code Into Blog.

As we know,posting or writing script/code into blog must have a special method,because if we write or post with common method then the script/code will not appear into blog posting. Example like this,if your write <head> code with common method,it will not appear in your posting,because that code will straight away translate to HTML language.If you want write <head> code in you posting it should be like this & lt;head&gt ; but if there is many of script/code your need to write,how to write it?

First Step(easy)

Open This link:,copy the script/code that you want to write into your posting into the box. After that, click the Encode button, and your will get a new script/code that you can use it into you posting.

Second Step

-Use the Web Design software,like Namao Web Editor,Microsoft Frontpage,Macromedia Dreamwaver,or your also can use blogtools software like post2blog and many more.

-Write the code into design area,then copy all the code in HTML Code Area.The code in the HTML area which must you write in your posting.


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